Hello, fellow-sufferer. (Or are you an ordinary mortal who clicked on something by accident or out of curiosity?)

If you are a teacher, I thought you might be interested in borrowing applets of mine to make your own exercises for use in your teaching situation (if your students have computers and Internet access) or for your own website. There's no catch in this, but no guarantee, either. I'm just an English teacher who happens to be interested in programming, and I'd be happy to help a colleague.

So, you come home after a hard day in the classroom or wherever you exercise your profession and think of something to give your dear lambs to do. Now, instead of printing it out to distribute to them next time you see them, you get on the Internet, go to my EFL teachers' resources site, choose an exercise type (cloze, multiple choice, hangman etc) and enter your words and sentences in a form.

In return you will get an html file that you can put on your own website. If you've given your students the address of the page where they will find the applet or a link to it, that's it. The html file will contain your material and a reference to my applet. (Tip: show the applet in a same-sized frame of its own to make it more difficult for your users to read the answers.)

If you're not into this technical stuff about applets and websites and frames and html files and the like, don't worry. It's simple, it's free, and it can really impress your students. I can give you some help on all that if you need it - although I would recommend that you read up on it a bit yourself first.

So, try it out and let me know what you think. I'm always open to suggestions for improvements.

David Jardine, March 2005